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Yoga Congress – Mind Matters from Iyengar-Yoga-Akademie RheinAhr on Vimeo.

Online Yoga Congress ‘Mind Matters’ with Rita Keller in cooperation with IYARA gGmbH and guest speakers Dr. Ulrich Ott and Dirk Meyer (with Polish translation)



Part 1: Effects of Yoga and Meditation on the brain (lecture) with Dr. Ulrich Ott
Part 2: What Yoga can – Yoga sequence, Yoga and Iyengar Yoga, Alignment and Upliftment (Practice)
with Rita Keller
Part 3: Guided Meditation to cultivate calm, love and clarity with Dr. Ulrich Ott

Part 4: Neurobiology (lecture): 1st and 2nd brain – Are we what we metabolise? ‘We are what we eat and digest’ with Rita Keller
Part 5: MBSR – The mindful path: Guided Breath Meditation, the essence and attitudes of mindfulness
Part 6: Yantra and Tantra, the holistic approach in Iyengar Yoga (lecture and practice); Alignment – Mindfulness – Uplifting; Quantum Physics, Spirituality and Non-Dual Mind with Rita Keller


Find more about our guest speaker:

Dr. Ulrich Ott, psychologist and meditation researcher, author, Head of the Working Group “Altered States of Consciousness – Meditation Research” at BENDER Institute of Neuroimaging, University of Gießen/Germany

Dirk Meyer, certified MBSR Teacher and certified Iyengar Yoga teacher